Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gun Control? Not for the working class!

Dear Comrades,

The lack of activity on this blog is not a failiure on the part of Party leadership, it is a failure of the cadre. The Central Commitee of the Nightmare Communist Party is infallible, as we all know.

Comment must be made, however, in light of continued rightward vector of political discourse in the United States.

Barack Obama, for all the fanfare on the right of being a "socialist", is, in termsof policy enacted, far to the right of that great bastion of American liberalism, Richard Nixon.

(If you don't recognize the satire in the previous graph, expect a ticket to the salt mines).

Although they were deviationists who held out hopeless hope for a libertatarian alternative, the Friends of Durruti had one thing right: What we need is a program, and rifles.

The current debate on gun control is yet another attempt by the bourgeois hegemony to disarm the only threat they can reasonably imagine breaking their stranglehold on political power: an armed and organized working class.

"The arming of the whole proletariat with rifles, guns, and ammunition should be carried out at once [and] the workers must ... organize themselves into an independent guard, with their own chiefs and general staff. ... [The aim is] that the bourgeois democratic Government not only immediately loses all backing among the workers, but from the commencement finds itself under the supervision and threats of authorities behind whom stands the entire mass of the working class. ...As soon as the new Government is established they will commence to fight the workers.  In order that this party (i.e., the democrats) whose betrayal of the workers will begin with the first hour of victory, should be frustrated in its nefarious work, it is necessary to organize and arm the proletariat." - Karl Marx, Address to the Communist League (1850)
Gun control is a bourgeois prejudice, and must be resisted by all means, by force if necessary. So what if 20, 30, 300 schoolchildren die at the hands of a maniac? How many workers die ever year, or are forced to starvation, or are economically raped, by the maniacs who own and control the means of production?

Guns for the workers! Bullets for the bourgeoisie! Rise up, and down your oppressors!

Kill them all, and let God sort them out.

Remember, comrades: when we have each other, we are never alone.

Now back to work, comrade.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nightmare Communists for Ron Paul?

Comrades, another election is upon us in this cesspit of bourgeois excess known as these United States... although nothing 'unites' our class so much as our continual and universal exploitation at the hands of the ruling class.

The recent spate of GOP debates, as well as tonight's Iowa caucus, shows us that we cannot remain neutral in this encounter. On the one hand, we have Barack Obama, the neo-liberal candidate whose alleged 'socialism' is merely an epithet employed by the enemies of economic freedom on the Right. Would that this were true! But no, Obama has proved himself time and again to be the running-dog lackey of American Capitalism.

On the other hand, we have the Republican candidates. For the most part, these are a pack of fascist wolves, barking at the gates of American politics. But perhaps one exception shows itself among them; one of these things is not like the others, and that thing is Ron Paul.

Ron Paul does not emphasize the moral regulation of the population; he calls for the repeal of most laws restricting sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In fact, Ron Paul wishes the government to be reduced to its logical minimum. Perhaps this is a candidate with which the Nightmare Communist Party might find common purpose?

Comrades, I do not suggest that the Nightmare Communist Party advocates a smaller and less intrusive government; scientific socialism dictates that Communism abolishes damn near everything as a separate sphere of life. However, Mr. Paul's goals might coalesce with our own.

We wish to completely overthrow and abolish the so-called 'democratic republic' of the United States (along with every other nation, but please, patience, comrades). This is made challenging by the current size, scope, and power of the U.S. government. Perhaps Mr. Paul's 'libertarian' desire for the smallest possible government will aid our goals.

Our sometime-allies within the anarchist movement have suggested as much; some of these self-styled 'anarchists' would go so far as to suggest that any increase in freedom is worthwhile, even coming at the expense of fundamental insurances of economic freedom as the Fair Labor Standards Act and the National Labor Relations Act.

We within the Central Committee of the Nightmare Communist Party must be more circumspect. Although Mr. Paul seeks to restrict the size and scope of government, the basic role of government remains the same. Government remains a superstructure put in place to maintain the relationships of the economic base. There is no indication that a Paul administration would reduce the role of government in protecting the vested interests of Capital; indeed, a self-styled 'libertarian' government would likely have no other role. Under a Paul administration, interference with trade, banking, and finance might even be elevated to a capital offense, while the collective self-activity of the proletariat (union organizing, for instance) would most likely lose any remaining protections, if not outlawed outright.

Comrades, we must not fall into this trap. The notion that a 'small-government' politician might in any way benefit the working class is as misguided as it is ill-conceived. The Nightmare Communist Party urges all workers to place their primary efforts into the organization of Party cadre, leaving electoral politics an afterthought. And the notion of a Right-Left alliance is prima facie absurd... there is only one Party, one Truth, one Politics. The Nightmare Communist Party.

Now back to work, comrade.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nightmare Communism 101: Part 1

Marx famously stated in the Manifesto of the Communist Party: "There is a spectre haunting Europe: the spectre of Communism."

This is a fitting preamble for the neophyte's introduction to Nightmare Communism. Communism, prior to the formation of the Nightmare Communist Party, has been only that: a spectre, a hollow harbinger, the ghost of things to come. The Nightmare Communist Party is the first true expression of the Communist ideal to transform that spectre into the very real spirit that haunts the night terrors of every day-trader, every quant at Goldman Sachs, every NASDAQ and SEC certified broker. Nightmare Communism is the dream of the final and irrecuperable death of Capital.

Why have Communist movements failed in the past?

In every instance, they have been willing to compromise. To compromise with so-called "libertarian" factions, to compromise with the global capitalist hegemony, to compromise with internal "human rights" groups.

Nightmare Communism is the only movement to overcome these contradictions. So-called "libertarian" factions will be executed, publicly. The running-dog lackeys of the global capitalist hegemony (and, of course, their financier masters) will be executed, publicly. So-called "human rights" movements, both their leaders and fellow-travelers, will be executed, publicly. We will reduce the human population to a more manageable size. We will maim, torture, and kill all who oppose us. Those who might be of some value later on might be granted the privilege of serving the People in the acid mines.

This might sound slightly harsh to those still beholden to the global hegemony of bourgeois democracy. It is nothing of the kind. It is the ultimate clemency, the ultimate freedom. Those who are incapable of serving the people will be graciously permitted to die. Those who are deemed worthy of public service will be mercifully permitted to attend re-education camps for as long as it takes to transform them into functioning Party members.

Remember, comrades. Ask not what the Party can do for you, but what you can do for the Party. Or else.

There will come a day, comrades, when no-one alive will remember the sad tragedy of bourgeois democracy. And we will make very certain that no-one who will admit to the memory of bourgeois democracy will remain alive.

Comrades, rejoice! Tiocfaidh àr là! Our day will come!

Until then, what we need is a pogrom, and rifles.

The Nightmare Communist Party

Now back to work, comrade.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An End to Sectarianism

One of the constant spectres haunting the left is the virulent plague of sectarianism. The infantile disorder of Left Communism, whether it be anarchist-communism, libertarian communism, or council communism, or any blend or permutation thereof, cannot seem to escape the trap of the "narcissism of minor differences."

Nowhere is this more clear than in the left-libertarian circles of North America. From the Near Eastern Feral Action Collective, or NEFAC (recently reconstituted as Action Struggle Action), to the Workerist Spastic Action Club, to Canadian Struggle Action Action, it is clear that the common thread uniting left communists is wanting to distinguish themselves from other left communists.

It is no wonder the Left is a splintered mess. On the one hand, you have ex-punks and hippies and fellow-travelers who would prefer to expound upon the exceptionalism of their own special flavor of the same tired leftist ideology that all the others share in essence. On the other hand are the committed proletarians who will inevitably buy into these organizations, temporarily, until they become disillusioned with left-handed parliamentary masturbation and ineffective inaction for which their hard-earned dues gets them... what?

Only Nightmare Communism offers an alternative. Nightmare Communism promises no interminable meetings, no endless debates, no splinters and sects and factions.

Nightmare Communism promises only one thing: Communism. There will be no meetings, the Central Committee will express the will of the Party, which is the only true expression of proletarian consciousness. The Central Committee will undertake the burden of decision-making, and so debate will be rendered obsolete. And sectarianism with its concomitant narcissism of minor differences will be abolished once and for all, as all deviationist tendencies will be suppressed with extreme prejudice.

Comrades, rejoice! The Nightmare Communist Party presents you with a shining path, a great leap forward beyond the shallow self-congratulatory mutual appreciation societies of the left-communist ghetto. Remember, comrades, Party membership is not an option. It is a duty and a privilege.

The Nightmare Communist Party

Now back to work, comrade.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Visions of Nightmare Communism

Comrades, rejoice! Party adherents have begun to craft visual representations of our Nightmare Communist future. Here are a few choice samples:

Enjoy, and be inspired.

Now back to work, comrade.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Very soon indeed...

On Marxist-Cannibalism

The Party has recently become aware of a revisionist tendency known as "Marxist-Cannibalism." Adherents doubt the necessity of the rigorous discipline of the cadre and the application of scientific socialism by the vanguard. They suggest that all that is necessary to usher in an era of communism is for the proletariat to eat the rich.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The bourgeoisie will be executed so swiftly and mercilessly, that there will not be time to consume all of their flesh before it rots. However, the flesh of the rich which can be salvaged will be collectivized and processed into digestible rations by the protein reclamation factories. Thus fueled by the flesh of the enemies of our class, the glorious Red Army can continue its mission to abolish class society, kill the rich and provide ever more fodder for the protein reclamation plants.

In short, Nightmare Communism abolishes cannibalism as a separate sphere of life.

The infantile disorder known as Marxist-Cannibalism is simply a knee-jerk response to the awesome, irresistible power of the absolute rule of the Party. Like all deviationist tendencies, it will be purged ruthlessly, and its proponents sent to the nearest salt mine re-education facility.

Now back to work, comrade.

The Nightmare Communist Party