Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nightmare Communism 101: Part 1

Marx famously stated in the Manifesto of the Communist Party: "There is a spectre haunting Europe: the spectre of Communism."

This is a fitting preamble for the neophyte's introduction to Nightmare Communism. Communism, prior to the formation of the Nightmare Communist Party, has been only that: a spectre, a hollow harbinger, the ghost of things to come. The Nightmare Communist Party is the first true expression of the Communist ideal to transform that spectre into the very real spirit that haunts the night terrors of every day-trader, every quant at Goldman Sachs, every NASDAQ and SEC certified broker. Nightmare Communism is the dream of the final and irrecuperable death of Capital.

Why have Communist movements failed in the past?

In every instance, they have been willing to compromise. To compromise with so-called "libertarian" factions, to compromise with the global capitalist hegemony, to compromise with internal "human rights" groups.

Nightmare Communism is the only movement to overcome these contradictions. So-called "libertarian" factions will be executed, publicly. The running-dog lackeys of the global capitalist hegemony (and, of course, their financier masters) will be executed, publicly. So-called "human rights" movements, both their leaders and fellow-travelers, will be executed, publicly. We will reduce the human population to a more manageable size. We will maim, torture, and kill all who oppose us. Those who might be of some value later on might be granted the privilege of serving the People in the acid mines.

This might sound slightly harsh to those still beholden to the global hegemony of bourgeois democracy. It is nothing of the kind. It is the ultimate clemency, the ultimate freedom. Those who are incapable of serving the people will be graciously permitted to die. Those who are deemed worthy of public service will be mercifully permitted to attend re-education camps for as long as it takes to transform them into functioning Party members.

Remember, comrades. Ask not what the Party can do for you, but what you can do for the Party. Or else.

There will come a day, comrades, when no-one alive will remember the sad tragedy of bourgeois democracy. And we will make very certain that no-one who will admit to the memory of bourgeois democracy will remain alive.

Comrades, rejoice! Tiocfaidh àr là! Our day will come!

Until then, what we need is a pogrom, and rifles.

The Nightmare Communist Party

Now back to work, comrade.

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