Thursday, September 22, 2011

An End to Sectarianism

One of the constant spectres haunting the left is the virulent plague of sectarianism. The infantile disorder of Left Communism, whether it be anarchist-communism, libertarian communism, or council communism, or any blend or permutation thereof, cannot seem to escape the trap of the "narcissism of minor differences."

Nowhere is this more clear than in the left-libertarian circles of North America. From the Near Eastern Feral Action Collective, or NEFAC (recently reconstituted as Action Struggle Action), to the Workerist Spastic Action Club, to Canadian Struggle Action Action, it is clear that the common thread uniting left communists is wanting to distinguish themselves from other left communists.

It is no wonder the Left is a splintered mess. On the one hand, you have ex-punks and hippies and fellow-travelers who would prefer to expound upon the exceptionalism of their own special flavor of the same tired leftist ideology that all the others share in essence. On the other hand are the committed proletarians who will inevitably buy into these organizations, temporarily, until they become disillusioned with left-handed parliamentary masturbation and ineffective inaction for which their hard-earned dues gets them... what?

Only Nightmare Communism offers an alternative. Nightmare Communism promises no interminable meetings, no endless debates, no splinters and sects and factions.

Nightmare Communism promises only one thing: Communism. There will be no meetings, the Central Committee will express the will of the Party, which is the only true expression of proletarian consciousness. The Central Committee will undertake the burden of decision-making, and so debate will be rendered obsolete. And sectarianism with its concomitant narcissism of minor differences will be abolished once and for all, as all deviationist tendencies will be suppressed with extreme prejudice.

Comrades, rejoice! The Nightmare Communist Party presents you with a shining path, a great leap forward beyond the shallow self-congratulatory mutual appreciation societies of the left-communist ghetto. Remember, comrades, Party membership is not an option. It is a duty and a privilege.

The Nightmare Communist Party

Now back to work, comrade.

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