Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Atrocity Exhibition

Nightmare Communism has been likened, by its detractors, to an abattoir. A veritable charnel house of human suffering, where all are crushed within the gears of the system, their lifeless remains heaped upon the bloody altar of the State.

They're almost right.

The bloody altar to which we are willing—nay, eager!—to sacrifice countless lives in an horrific display of targeted (not wanton!) cruelty is not that of the State. The very idea of the State is an artifact of pre-Nightmare Communist ideology, in which the downtrodden proletariat can only conceive of unquestionable, irresistible power as something external to itself.

In the process of establishing itself, Nightmare Communism will abolish anything and everything exterior to the proletariat not only from human memory, but from human imagination.

The proletariat, in the very act of abolishing itself, in the self-destructive act that precedes new creation, also abolishes the very possibility of the bourgeois conception of 'the State'. No external power will ever again exert itself over against the proletariat, for in its purest expression in the Nightmare Communist Party, the proletariat will have exerted itself toward the absolute and utter destruction of all exteriority.

"But surely, comrade," you might say, "some of the workers might disagree with these ends. Or, certainly, with the tactics you espouse!"

The very fact that there are critics of Nightmare Communism demonstrates the absolute need for Nightmare Communist. The very act of questioning the Party indicates a lack of class consciousness or political will, and so the Party will provide for the forced re-education of those who do not understand its aims.

Our day will come, comrades. From Wall Street to the West Bank, the streets will run red with the blood of all who would stand in the way of revolution.

Now back to work, comrade.

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