Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fascism is Inadequate

Fascism is Inadequate

Observers of the recent rise of the "Nightmare" Communist Party may well have heard, or uttered themselves the insult Fascist as our members build a power base amongst the toiling masses and the select political and intellectual elite. In fairness, our full intentions have not been made known, there has been no manifesto akin to Marx's and Engel's to explain our positions. Generally we see no need to explain ourselves to the average proletarian. However, with the hope that the reader possesses the requisite willpower for our struggle we will explore this charge.

Suffice it to say we are not interested in bourgeois notions of morality or the sanctity of human life or freedom. Therefore we do not shy away from the term fascist, and if it serves to antagonize and terrorize the mealy mouthed liberals that swarm the left, than so be it. And indeed, the similarities will seem striking as we hold mass marches to rile up the dormant pride of the worker and generally engage in any action necessary to see our political ends met. We declare deceased the age of the spineless liberal, obsessed with the theater of liberation. We aim to spread our influence far and wide amongst those that have the capacity, with the proper leadership, to change forever the decadence and decay of the current world.

However we do not hold ourselves to be fascists, realizing that this term specifically applies to the building of a strong nation state wed with corporatism and the collaboration of the classes. It also historically relies heavily on racism, a human weakness we have no use for.

Instead we are Authoritarian Communists. We hold to the spirit of the ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, and Stalin (amongst others) but realize that no incarnation of a Communist Party or movement has been adequate. We are sincere in our desire to do away with capitalism, and to see a world where the workers will have the fruit of their labor. But we are not anarchists. We will not see our grand revolutionary project fall into decay and disorder under the absurd notion of democracy and egalitarianism. Instead we wish to see a society created that emphasizes the ideal that justice order and prosperity are far more important that fleeting notions of freedom. We will create a strong party of capable revolutionaries from the working class and the intellectuals. We will encourage a new natioanlism, centered on the nation of the proletariat, every bit as deserving of the fervor that once gripped the citizens of nation states. We will thoughtfully coordinate society in order to make humankind stronger and stronger. Elitism will become a communal obsession with growth and comradeship against adversity, and based on this new elitism the most capable will rise to positions where they may make use of the gifts that the new society has nurtured within them.

The new world will become the only world that has ever been. No one will imagine that there could have been another. And if sometimes there is suffering, or strife, or harsh measures, we will know as a unified race, that such troubles were mere birth pains for a glorious new utopia. For what mother would look at her newborn and be troubled by memories of pain and blood.

When we have each other we are never alone.

The Nightmare Communist Party

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