Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Benefit Album on the way!

In order to generate finances for our ongoing efforts, numerous bands around the world have contributed to our upcoming benefit album "The Future is Written" Because only power noise and industrial meet our sonic propaganda needs at this time, only bands of that type have been included. Rest assured, as our influence spreads and we become more entrenched in the fabric of society, we will have to deal with such social misfits and artists. But for now, enjoy.

Victory through Victory

Track List:

1. Strength through Solidarity - Wolfkiller
2. Necessary Evil - Maodon
3. Porcine Class - The Dictatorship
4. When I've worked enough I'll begin to kill - Urban Renewal
5. There is no humanity - Humanity of Classes
6 Dresden got what it deserved - Eastern Front

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