Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Hate Your Freedom

Following the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, premier running-dog lackey of global imperialism George W. Bush explained the motivation for the attack was that the Islamic fundamentalist hijackers "hate our freedom."

Whether or not this was the case was long debated in the media and in the press. It is probably accurate to say that this was a gross over-simplification of the case.

Nightmare Communism will require the strength and will to commit deeds that will push 9/11 from our collective memory. The true meaning of terror will be redefined forever.

We, however, do hate your freedom.

We hate your freedom to extract surplus value from the wage slavery of the workers of the world.

We hate your freedom to leverage capital to subsist as a parasite on society, reaping the fruits of our labours while you yourself produce nothing.

We hate your freedom to use the State's monopoly on violence to protect the precious "private property" you have stolen from the working class.

We hate your freedom to buy a voice in the public square, solely in order to shift discourse in the direction of corporate welfare and regressive tax policy.

Nightmare Communism will abolish these "freedoms."

Nightmare Communism will abolish all freedom.

Nightmare Communism will abolish wage slavery, capital, and the State. Only the Party will have a monopoly on violence, for the Party will be the whole of humanity. Or, at least, "humanity" will refer only to Party members.

The only voice will be that of the Party. Public discourse will become the pure expression of the will of the Party, which is the will of the people.

Through the abolition of these bourgeois "freedoms," Nightmare Communism will create the true freedom, the only possible freedom: the freedom for the individual to create the world as the member of one class, one Party, one humanity. Every individual act will be the free expression of the collective ideal of humanity. Every individual thought will be the collective idea of humanity.

In essence, Nightmare Communism abolishes freedom as a separate sphere of life.

When we have each other we are never alone.

The Nightmare Communist Party

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