Thursday, September 1, 2011

What Is To Be Done?

It is a dark time for humanity, and a darker time for the United States. The Tea Party Caucus and their toadies at Fox News seem to dominate our discourse on tax policy and fiscal measures. Paul Krugman is lamenting the Fed Chair's inability to enact progressive measures due to threats from the christo-fascist Rick Perry and his running-dog lackeys, and the last, best hopes for the recuperation of the capitalist system are fading away due to the right-wing masturbatory fantasies of our capitalist overlords.

Comrades, our current situation illustrates the impossibility of this infantile disorder called 'democracy.' When the party which supposedly espouses the notion of rational agents operating in a free market succeeds only by turning a majority of the populations against their own economic self-interest, the time for Nightmare Communism is upon us.

What is needed now is an elite vanguard with the vision to disregard such petit-bourgeois notions as 'freedom', 'rights', and 'democracy', so that a truly free society might emerge... a society in which the only truth is the truth of the Party, in which the only freedom is the freedom to belong to the Party, in which the only ideal is a humanity without capitalist exploitation.

How will we deal with these dissenters? Comrades, we must have courage and the strength of our convictions. We must have the moral fortitude to crucify these undesirables (quite literally), to execute them publicly, to torture them on live television. We must demonstrate the fate that will befall all enemies of the People. We must create a machine to keep them alive indefinitely while sodomizing them repeatedly with a baseball bat embedded with razors. We must have the courage to deny morality in order to create a moral societal order. We must have the courage to destroy everything for the sake of new creation.

Comrades, we must be Nightmare Communists.

When we have each other, we are never alone.

The Nightmare Communist Party

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